Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

This blog post explores cyanoacrylates in depth – from the product’s origins to its key attributes and most typical applications.

Surface Preparation

A surface free from contamination is essential to securing a strong adhesive bond - but how can this be achieved? The answer, quite simply, is through effective surface preparation.

In this month's blog post we take a look at different surface preparation products and techniques; from cleaners and degreasers – to primers and flux removers.


Here at Ellsworth Adhesives Europe we have an extensive portfolio of encapsulants from a range of industry leading brands.

This month we share our expertise on this electronic material, providing unbiased advice on the different encapsulant options available and helping you to decipher which one is right for you.

Automated v Manual Dispensing Equipment

Once a two-component adhesive has been identified as the solution to an application, the next step is to evaluate the most suitable method of dispensing it, taking into consideration factors such as cost, accuracy, efficiency, productivity and the elimination of waste.


In this month’s blog post we examine the differences between automated and manual meter, mixing and dispensing equipment and which applications they are best suited to. 

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