Cytec Conathane EN-14 Gal Kit Amber

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CONATHANE® EN-14 is a two-component, unfilled, low viscosity, fast-gelling, fast-curing, flexible polyurethane elastomer system for potting and encapsulation. EN-14 is a non-mercury version of CONATHANE® DPEN-8536. The cured system features excellent water resistance, thermal shock resistance, and electrical properties.

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Cytec Conathane EN-14 Gal Kit Amber


CONATHANE® EN-14 is particularly recommended for potting and encapsulating strain and heat sensitive devices in modules, connectors, and units required to operate in the temperature range of -65°C to 130°C. It also has shown utility as a conformal coating and can be applied by casting, spraying, or bushing. Airless spray equipment can be used effectively.
Color Amber
Components 2
Dielectric Strength 584
Hardness 65A
Specific Gravity 1.04
Tensile Strength 600 psi