Dymax E-MAX 905 15 Liter Pail

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Cures upon exposure to light and is designed for rapid conformal coating of printed circuit boards and other electronic assemblies. The medium viscosity allows for enhanced coverage of tall components and sharp leads.

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Conformal coating for electronic circuit board materials. Specially designed to cure with heat where shadowed areas exist. The ability to cure in seconds enables faster processing, greater output, and lower processing costs. E-MAX 905 excels in coating applications where thermal shock performance is critical.
Chemical Composition Acrylated Urethane
Color Clear to Light Yellow
Elongation 110%
Flash Point 101°C (214°F)
Hardness D60
Item Number DYMAX ZZ0O1
Service Temperature -54°C (-65°F) to 150°C (300°F)
Tensile Strength 1500 psi
Viscosity Cp 2500 (nominal)