Lord 850 Toughened Structural Acrylic Adhesive

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Lord 850 Toughed Structural Acrylic Adhesive in combination with Lord Accelerator 25GB can be used to replace welding, brazing, riveting and other mechanical fastening methods. These toughened structural adhesives perform particularly well in low-temperature environments and applications that are subject to high impact, high peel loads or high fatigue. Lord 850 adhesives provide a range of working times to accommodate a wide variety of process environments.

Features and Benefits:

Versatile - Bonds a wide range of unprepared metals with minimal substrate preparation, as well as polymer composite substrates such as FRP.

Durable - Provides high strength for high-end structural bonding applications; 100% elongation improves impact strength amd fatigue resistance.

Temperature Resistant - Performs at temperatures from -40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C); tolerates e-coat bake with cohesive failure at 338°F (170°C).

Non-Sag - Remains in position when applied on vertical or overhead surfaces, allowing for greater process flexibility.

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Lord 852 Toughened Structural Acrylic Adhesive, when mixed with Lord Accelerator 25GB, create adhesive systems that bond a wide variety of prepared or unprepared metals and some engineered plastics. These adhesive systems are specifically formulated to provide the highest impact and peel strengths available in room temperature curing adhesive with exceptional cohesive failure mode.