Resinlab Epoxy Encapsulant EP1200 Part A Pail Black

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Resinlab EP1200 is a highly filled, thermally conductive, medium viscosity black casting resin.

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Designed for applications requiring a high degree of thermal conductivity, flexibility and a low CTE.
Chemical Composition Epoxy
Color Black
Components 2
Dielectric Strength 430 v/mil
Flash Point >93C
Full Cure Time 24 hrs
Hardness Shore A 90
Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume
Service Temperature -40 to 150°C
Specific Gravity 2
Tensile Strength 900
Thermal Conductivity 1.04 W/mK
Viscosity Cp 28000
Volume Resistivity 4.2 x 10(12) ohm-cm
Working Time 60 to 90 mins