Custom adhesives packaging

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Custom Packaging

Drawing upon the capabilities of our subsidiary company, Kitpackers, we are able to offer custom packaging for adhesives, sealanst and speciality chemicals.


By utilizing our custom adhesives packaging service, you don't need to bother with the hassle of mixing solutions. Our qualified team of lab staff are fully prepared to handle, store, re-package and ship hazardous and temperature sensitive materials.


Batches of all sizes can be modified - from quarts to totes and batch qualification testing is included before and/or after packaging. Our expert care can also extend the shelf life of products and cut down on unnecessary waste.


A variety of formats for re-packaging can be selected from dual and single component cartridge components to bi-pac foil sachets. Solutions can be mixed for viscosity or colour modification and fillers, spacer beads and pigments can be added.


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View the KitPackers brochure here. (PDF)